Vegan Milk: Should You Make The Switch?

Wishing to switch to veganism? But does the replacement to the goodness of milk worries you? Well, nature got you covered. Luckily, there are various plant-based gifts which can be utilized to prepare vegan milk. Let’s know a little more about vegan milk.

Vegan milk can also be termed as nut milk, plant milk or plant-based liquid. It is basically a non-dairy beverage made from a water based plant abstract which imparts the aroma and flavor. Vegan milk is being produced using various plant-based goodies these days. Cashew, soy, oats, almonds, rice, coconut are a few examples. 

Over the years, the market for vegan milk has grown exponentially. This is because more people are turning into vegans that ever before. Also, large numbers of adults are lactose intolerant.

 With so many options available, confusion is only natural. Different variants of vegan milk have their own benefits and shortcomings. Let’s see what the professional dietitians think.

Various kinds of vegan milk available

According to dieticians, you should the choose the one which fits your requirements. For example, if you want something close to cow milk, you should go for soy milk. This is because it has more protein. You get 7g/100mL protein from soy milk whereas you get 8g/100mL protein from cow milk. The protein in the soy milk is also more complete as compared to the proteins from other options. So this is an appreciable swap.  

If you’re looking forward to reducing your calorie intake, almond milk is the best option for you. Almond milk provides the least number of calories while rice milk has the most number of calories among the other options. In case you want to cut down your fat intake, avoid coconut milk. Soy milk has 4g fat per 100 mL and the fats are the healthy ones. Almond milk is also a good option in this case.

Most of the vegan milk varieties available in the market are fortified with calcium and vitamin D, A and B12. For this reason, you need to check the extent to which the milk is fortified. Some of them are fortified up to 45% of the required daily value whereas some are fortified only up to 10% of the daily required value. Most of these varieties are not fortified with other micronutrients like potassium. But soy milk is naturally a good source of potassium. 

Fortified vegan milk
Fortified Vegan Milk

Almost all the brands fortify their products and try to manufacture a value added products. But this doesn’t give a proper answer as to which vegan milk is the best. The nutrients and qualities of the milk also differ with the brands. So the answer is to check the labels and buy the one which satisfies your requirements.

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