Vegan Ice-Cream in 10 Minutes

Being a home cook I love to make new things, doesn’t matter if it works or not, but I always try. Two cuisines that I think I can cook pretty well are Indian and Chinese.

Recently I came across this term known as veganism. It’s not a new term for me but I was delivered with a better perspective of the veganism. Being a non-vegetarian the vegan concept was a little difficult for me to digest. But as I saw the advantages of consuming a vegan diet, it kind of changed my mindset for it.

So I thought why not try something simple and easy dish from a vegan diet. So I made this vegan ice-cream which can prepared in 10 minutes.


  • Banana
  • Coconut milk
  • Sugar


Vegan Ice-Cream

Slice 3 bananas into small pieces and keep them in the deep freezer for a whole night.


  1. We will be starting with the caramel sauce that will be used as a topping for the vegan ice-cream.
  2. Take ¾ cup water and ¾ sugar in a saucepan and let it simmer on low flame.
Mixture of sugar and water for vegan ice-cream
Mixture of sugar and water
  1. While the sauce is getting ready, pour the frozen sliced banana in a mixer grinder.
Blended banana for vegan ice-cream
Blended banana
  1. Add some coconut milk and sugar(optional) to it.
  2. Blend it to achieve a smooth texture as ice cream and keep it in the freezer till the sauce is getting ready.
  3. Once the sauce reduces, its colour changes to light brown colour. As soon as you see the change in colour,take it off the heat and stir it.
Completed caramel for vegan ice-cream
Caramel when it is ready
  1. When the colour turns to light brown add some coconut milk to it slowly. Achieve a light brown consistency and stir it well.


There are several ways to plate this delicious vegan ice-cream. The easiest way is to take two scoops and top it with caramel sauce. Enjoy. 

Article by,

Haroshit Tandon, admin

Student, NIFTEM

Recipe by,

Prakashi Pulkit

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