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The Health Aspects of Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the universally loved foods, and when its sweetness seeps into our mouths, we melt the same way it does. Even if you are someone who does not like the classic chocolate, you are bound to like some variant of it. So why bring up such a widely known fact? Well, in short, chocolate deserves way more credit than we give it, and this article is going to bust some myths and dig up some benefits of chocolate.

Nutritional Aspect

It has quite a few troves of nutrients, and its uniqueness lies in the flavonoids present in them.

Flavonoids: These are compounds in plants that keep them safe from natural toxins and repair damage. They are found plentifully in fruits and vegetables. They have a negligible antioxidant action, but they improve the absorbing capacity of other antioxidants.

Flavonols: These are the major flavonoids present in chocolate. They have influences on vascular health such as lowering blood pressure, improving blood and making blood easier to clot. 

Antioxidants: Antioxidants help our bodies from free radicals released in the reaction. In chocolates low density lipoprotiens or ‘bad’ cholesterol is controlled by them. This again helps prevent vascular problems.

Benefits of having chocolate

It has a lot of benefits which go unnoticed because of its taste.

1. Cholesterol: Chocolate has antioxidants that help control bad cholesterol in our body. This supports cardiovascular health and also improves blood flow by a lot.

2. Cognitive benefits: Due to improving blood flow to the heart and the brain, it is suggested by some researchers that drinking a cup or two of hot chocolate per day improves memory and also might help old people.

3. Heart problems and stroke prevention: It has been researched that people who have chocolates frequently have a much lesser chance of having strokes and heart diseases because of improved blood flow.

4. Foetal health: It’s researched that having 30g of chocolate during pregnancy helps foetal health and development greatly.

The ending note is that, chocolate isn’t just flavorful, it’s one of the best providers of flavonols and hence quite healthy too. When consumed in excess, anything is bad, but chocolate is not bad in the least!

Written By,

Madhav Menon

Student, NIFTEM

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