The Difference Between Being Vegan and Vegetarian

Confused between vegan and vegetarian? Unable to understand the diet of your vegan friend? Do the different types of vegetarianism doge over your head? Generally, for people not following a vegan or a vegetarian diet, vegan may appear to be just a fancy word for vegetarian. But actually, these two are fundamentally very different from each other. Dive right in to find out!

Understanding the basic difference

Vegan and vegetarian

The basic difference between vegans and vegetarians is that vegans eat NO animal products. Vegetarians, on the other hand, do not consume animal meet but they consume animal products like egg and dairy products. Beef is a product that cannot be found in the plates of any one of these groups. People may choose these diets due to various reasons like religious beliefs and concern of hurting animals.

While all vegans follow ‘No Animal Products’ rule strictly, there is a lot of variations among the vegetarians. Let’s have a look.

  1. Lacto-ova vegetarians: These are the most common type of vegetarians. They happily consume eggs and dairy products like milk, curd, cheese, etc. They don’t consume meat, poultry and seafood.
  2. Ova vegetarians: These people eat eggs but don’t eat dairy products, meat, seafood and poultry.
  3. Lacto vegetarians: These vegetarians consume dairy products but eggs, meat, poultry and seafood are a big no for them.
  4. Pesco vegetarians: Also called pescatarians, these people are not the typical vegetarians. These people, surprisingly, eat fish and other seafood. But they still don’t eat meat and poultry.

Foods to be careful with

Seemingly animal-free food products can contain traces of animal products. So being vegan or vegetarian means you need to question the ready-made foods and products you consume. There are numerous examples to this.

Non-fat yoghurt, candies, ice-creams may contain gelatin which is made using animal parts.

Some brands of orange juice sell their products fortified with omega-3 which obtained from fish.

Vegan chocolates may sometimes contain milk.

You can prepare tortillas and some fried snacks using lard or other animal fat.

 Foods for vegans and vegetarians

Vegan Buddha Bowl

Although these diets are very healthy, but they need to be balanced properly by incorporating foods packed with all types of nutrients.

Luckily, there is an abundance of products that are full of nutrients. So vegans and vegetarians do not necessarily suffer from deficiencies. Grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and nuts provide wholesome nutrition when used appropriately.

Tofu can be used to replace the meat from most of the delicious meat recipes.

Carrots and potatoes can be a substitute meat in some of the curries.

You can also prepare some delightful desserts using berries.

Eggs can be easily replaced using flax seeds soaked in water aka ‘flax eggs’.

There are lots of vegan and vegetarian recipes that even the meat lovers will fall in love with.

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