Swadhika Foods- A Start-up Mending The Supply Chain of Fresh Produce

Every Indian household requires a regular supply of fresh fruits and veggies. It’s an integral part of the Indian cuisine, despite of the huge diversity. The food processing industry in India is growing as a potential source for boosting the rural economy. 

A well developed food processing industry can increase farm gate prices, reduce wastage, ensure value addition, promote crop diversification and increase export earnings. It can be said that developments in food industry will give long term benefits to both the consumers and producers.

Fresh Produce

However, the supply chain of the fresh agricultural produce has been rotting since the time of independence. And the advancement in technology has not shown significant effects on the same. The food processing activity is still at a semi nascent stage in India. Chennai-based Swadhika Foods recognized this as an opportunity. 


The team understood the need of reaching out to the farmer directly by eliminating the middleman. This helped in bridging the gap between production and delivery. But most importantly, the end users are provided with clean and fresh agricultural produce. Also, they ensure fair prices for the producers.

Swadhika Foods
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The challenges

But in the beginning, it was not an easy task. The source of the product had to be identified and established. Not just quality was to be ensured but also consistent availability and in the required quantities for regular procurement. It was important to set up processing units as close to the source as possible to make it brief and to preserve the freshness of the product.

But even before that, the source of the fresh agricultural produce had to be identified and established. The source had to be consistent with the quality and quantity of the supply.

Beginning of the journey

Beginning with the selection of the right technology and machinery, Swadhika Foods identified the best areas for procurement of the various fruits and vegetables. This is done in commercially viable quantities. It was of utmost importance that the products were to be processed within 24 hours of procurement to avoid any loss of the nutrient value.

IQF machine, blast freezers, cold storages, hot air dehydration machines, urshel dicer for perfect sizing, vacuum freeze drier were all put to good use. Testing is performed in state-of-art laboratory for possible contamination by chemicals and pests. And the products turn out to be the best in quality and freshness.

Continued stride towards excellent service

Swadhika has moved into the frozen foods space. They ensure that the fresh agricultural produce is put to the best use.

Along with strengthening backward integration to its source, the company is also working forward into value-added products. “There is immense potential in the packaged snack market which is currently fed mainly by fried snacks. Off late, there is an increasing realization of the value of health and fitness and the part that fruits and vegetables play in promoting well-being. In the absence of healthy and easy-to-eat, hygienically packed freeze-dried fruits, we are seeking a presence on the shelves of the Indian supermarket apart from tapping similar potential in overseas markets, especially in countries like Australia,” adds Karthik, co-founder of Swadhika and a passionate environmentalist.

The gigantic growth story

Swadhika Foods is accredited to APEDA, USFDA, FSSAI, ISO, BRC and HACCP to ensure reliability and meet international food safety standards. You can perform tests for agrochemical residue, heavy metal and pesticides under NABL accredited labs.

Over the years, the company has registered steady growth. Investments in time, personnel and machinery have paid rich dividends and the turnover has tripled in the second year itself. And it has continued to increase ever since.


 Swadhika Foods focuses to build a relationship with clients based on trust. They believe in devising a customer-centric solution by understanding customer’s needs and supplying the right product at the right price. As they grow, they aspire to explore new geographies and devise new products for the global market.

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