Ruby Chocolate- The Newest Chocolate Experience!

Ruby chocolate is the newest innovation in chocolate in 80 years! It is the 4th chocolate after dark, milk, and white chocolate. Its unique fresh berry taste has unlocked new flavor experience.

The Ruby cocoa beans 

Ruby cocoa beans grow in specific climatic conditions. It grows in Brazil, Ivory Coast, and Ecuador.

ruby chocolate
Ruby Cocoa Bean Pod

Ruby beans have a characteristic pink color and intense fruit flavor. The bright pink color comes after the beans have undergone unique processes to unlock the flavor and color tone.

Fermentation, temperature, conching time, and the acidity level are the key parameters. Citric acid is used for enhancing the flavor and color of the chocolate. It undergoes almost the same production process as the other chocolates.

New taste experience 

 It is the perfect combination of berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness. It has slightly a sour-profile. Besides, it doesn’t contain any added food colouring, berry artificial flavours, or additional berries.

Ruby can be paired with almost everything. It can be paired with cheese, fruits, wine, coffee, tea, nuts and much more.

However, all good things come with some drawbacks.

It is sensitive to moisture, oxygen, and light. The chocolate works well with fat-based fillings but needs care when working with water-based ingredients. It is unstable when baked and also unsuitable for extrusion.

A common misconception people have is that it is pink food colouring mixed with white chocolate. This smooth pink-frothy chocolate is merely obtained from processing the ruby cocoa beans.

  Ruby Chocolate Around The World

Ruby cocoa beans are the invention of the researchers from Barry Callebaut, based in France and Belgium, and presently, the only supplier.

Now we can find ruby chocolate or ruby chocolate-flavoured products almost everywhere in the world.

Magnum ice cream is the first ice cream brand in the world to launch its ice cream featuring ruby chocolate.

ruby chocolate
Magnum Ruby Chocolate Flavor Ice Cream .

KitKat’s traditional four-fingered bars have been launched in this flavour in America and Japan.

Ruby KitKat Bar

Costa Coffee has launched Ruby chocolate as its 4th new addition of flavor in hot chocolate beverage series.

This chocolate is 100% natural and finds multiple uses for n number of products. The possibilities with this pink chocolate are endless!

To know more about Barry Callebaut’s Ruby chocolate, you can check out their article.

Written By,

Jeslyn Manuvel

Student, NIFTEM

Can’t seem to get enough of chocolate? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can read about iridescent chocolate by checking out our article.

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