Red Bull: Unbeatable Marketing Powerhouse

Red bull is an unbeatable marketing powerhouse. Their marketing strategies are so unique that no brand is able to take that much risk. They have a clear vision and they stand on it, their priority is providing extreme experience to the audience rather selling their product.

They are available on every other platform we can imagine. Focusing on the content that attracts people toward it is the main idea, rather focusing on highlighting the product. The brand name is what they chase for.

See how a startup turns to a global media empire.

Jet lag was the reason

It all started when an Australian toothpaste salesman Dietrich Mateschitz came to Thailand and he was suffering from jetlag. He saw that people were using a beverage served in a 150ml amber glass bottle. Sickly sweet, medicinal – tasting drink that contains caffeine, taurine, glucose, B-vitamin and various other ingredients.

The name of the drink was Krating Daeng which was developed by a Chinese entrepreneur Chaleo Yoovidhya in 1976.

This drink helped the Australian businessman to get over the jetlag and gave an opportunity to become the first company to sell energy drinks on a global level.

Mateschitz did minute compositional changes while keeping the original flavour. He carbonated the beverage which increased its acceptability and named it Red Bull.


He decided to market the new energy drink to an upmarket clientele of young party-goers, adventure seekers and extreme sports enthusiasts.

“When we first started, we said, ‘There is no existing market for Red Bull, but Red Bull will create it,’” Mateschitz told Forbes magazine in 2005.

Red Bull’s ability to stay true to its branding and values is what makes them successful.

One of the most iconic taglines ‘Red Bull gives you wings’ is being used to the fullest. They are sponsoring such events that help individuals do impossible stunts.

Getting into F1 was one of the most strategic moves in my opinion. F1 is a sport of thrill and money. Red Bull was one of the biggest sponsors and focused on assembling a car rather developing it. This gives them a kick start and now they compete with Ferrari and Mercedes.

Red Bull’s never-ending marketing strategy helped them creating a brand which is very difficult to compete with.

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