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India is sometimes referred to as ‘The Vegetarian Capital of the world’. But according to some government surveys, only 23-27% of the total population in India is actually vegetarian. Rest all of the people consume eggs and meat in one way or another.

When vegetarians purchase products like packed muffins, cupcakes and even chocolates, they always look for the green dot on the packaging. The green dot ensures that the product is free from eggs and meat.

Reasons for shift in the Vegan Market:

Vegan market is expected to witness a steady increase. This is the result of rapidly changing consumer perceptions and more people giving into veganism. With consumers increasingly opting for sustainable, humanely produced and anti-biotic free plant based products, the market is expected to increase exponentially in the forecast period of 2020-2026.  

Rising consumer consciousness towards healthier lifestyles, increase in awareness to attain a healthier diet, to lose weight and to reduce cholesterol and fat may foster market share for vegan food products such as plant-based vegan foods.

Major Vegan Products ‘hitting’ the market:

1) Vegan Milk and subsequent products

Vegan market for milk
Vegan Milk

Increase in consumer inclination to substitute milk products such as cheese & milk with vegan milk variants and subsequent products has increased sharply. This is due to rise in lactose intolerance among millennials which may accelerate vegan food market growth.

In U.S., over 7% of millennials considered themselves as vegan owing to increasing consumer inclination towards healthy nutritional habits and changing outlook towards vegan products.

2) Vegan Pasta

Vegan Market: Vegan Pasta
Vegan Pasta

The demand of vegan pasta has witnessed increase mainly due to increased popularity of western food. It is easy and quick to prepare and is making it’s way to Indian kitchens as well.

This pasta is especially compatible with other vegan products like tofu due owing to it’s texture and flavour.  

3) Vegan chocolates

Vegan Market: Vegan Chocolate
Vegan Chocolate

These chocolates are setting a new trend in the market these days. This is due to increasing awareness about healthy diet. More individuals are trying to lose weight today than ever before. But weight loss doesn’t need to be same as restricting your sweet tooth. The best solution to this is vegan chocolates.

4) Vegan Sweeteners

Vegan Sweeteners

With the same reason as to increasing demand to vegan chocolates, vegan sweeteners are becoming a new favourite with sweet-lovers.

A lot of these are available in the market these days. Agave, maple syrup, date syrup, Stevia, Bee-free honey, molasses- the list is further growing.

5) Vegan Meat

Vegan protein is being addressed to as the “protein of future”. The awareness about the cruelty to animals during meat production is stirring people to switch to vegan alternatives.

Soybean is the star ingredient in order to prepare vegan meat. However, recently Jack-fruit is also a popular substitute for pork in some dishes. You can also use it in preparing burger patties.

Click below to get a taste of some delicious vegan recipes.

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