Iridescent Chocolate: Best Tasting Diffraction Grating

All those who are familiar with chocolate can recognize it in many flavors. From dark chocolate to milk chocolate, various shapes, and sizes. Experiments with chocolate are endless.

But recently, Samy Kamkar launched his experiment with the age-old treat; iridescent chocolate that glimmers like a rainbow in his twitter account.     

One Twitter user and Swiss researchers(ETH Zurich/Giulia Marthaler)  have created chocolate that diffracts light like a prism!

Iridescent Chocolate
Dark Iridescent Rectangular Chocolate

The brilliant mind behind this.

Samy Kamkar, the founder of the internet security company Openpath likes to experiment with food in his spare time.

To make the chocolate, he created a mushroom-shaped mold ( he chose mushroom shape because he thinks they are magical!) with multiple ridges micrometers apart.

He tempered the chocolate, poured it into a mold, and then put it in a vacuum chamber to prevent air bubbles on the surface.

However, this idea by Kamkar wasn’t new. Researchers at ETH Zurich and the University of Applied Science and Arts, Switzerland had filed a patent on this shimmering chocolate, without additives before.

They were in talks with major chocolate producing companies about scaling up their discovery for commercial use. 

Science Behind This

The principle behind this rainbow-shining chocolate is nothing but diffraction.

On an object with many uniform lines and edges, like the chocolate prepared by Kamkar, diffracted light becomes the dominant light that we see, creating iridescence. 

Is it safe to eat?

Absolutely! The main obstacle right now for the researchers is market acceptance. 

People think that the surface is too shiny which makes them think that there is a plastic foil on top. There are no additives, no coatings, no special ingredients. Its the surface texture of the chocolate that itself produces this effect!

Well, this chocolate seems to be something that Willy Wonka would make.

This chocolate might just be the best-tasting diffraction grating you’ll ever see!

Written By,

Jeslyn Manuvel

Student, NIFTEM

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