Instant Coffee vs Cold Brew

Coffee is a beverage most of us just love to drink. Unlike most drinks, it’s good hot or cold, but what if we say that the coffee experience can be further improved?

Coffee beans have a lot of benefits if coffee’s drunk regularly it can prevent a lot of health risks as it has a lot of antioxidants. Coffee has a lot more of these than green tea and cocoa, two superstars in the antioxidant world. Coffee can be made in various ways, two of them being cold brew and instant coffee.

Instant Coffee

Instant Coffee vs Cold brew
Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is procured when coffee beans are grounded and roasted. Then this powder is dissolved in water and brewed to a very concentrated liquid. After filtration, the coffee mixture is frozen to -50°C at a very thin layer. This layer is then broken and freeze-dried. The product that comes out is the instant coffee mix. To enjoy it, we just need to add it to milk or water, boil it, and sip on a nice cup of coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee

Instant Coffee Vs Cold Brew
Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is called so because of how it’s made. Finely ground coffee powder is kept in room temperature water for about 12-24 hours. After this, the mixture can be used to make coffee. This has been gaining popularity recently because of it being sweeter than instant coffee.

Cold-brew is naturally creamy, smooth and less acidic because in the making of instant coffee, the hot water it is dissolved in releases its acidic components which gives it the characteristic bitter taste. Also, cold brew contains about 60-120g of caffeine per cup whereas instant coffee contains about 60-80g of caffeine per cup. Although brewed coffee sounds nicer, it’s quite a time-consuming task, and honestly, instant coffee is easier to make at home.

Frankly, you cannot go wrong with coffee, it is a wonderful beverage, and always will be no matter how you choose to prepare it. The classic instant coffee or the modern cold brew, both are pretty good and tasty. It’s just a matter of what suits your palette.

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Student, NIFTEM

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