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Glenlivet Capsule Collection: Changing The Way We Drink

There are many whiskey lovers out there. You can enjoy whiskey on several occasions and sip it slowly; that way, you can savor the time, effort, and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle. It’s really expensive too!

 The Glenlivet unveiled the ‘Capsule Collection’ or glassless alternatives to consuming whiskey. Glenlivet has redefined the way whiskey is traditionally enjoyed.

Glenlivet Capsule Whiskey
Glenlivet Capsule Whiskey

What exactly is it?

You can describe it as edible capsules that are 23ml in size. It is filled with cocktails, fully biodegradable, and provides  ‘the perfect flavor explosion ‘ experience.

How can we enjoy it?

Enjoying them is pretty simple. Just pop them into your mouth for an instant burst of flavor and swallow the capsule. There is no need for glass, ice, or cocktail stirrer!

To launch

Glenlivet is the first spirits brand in the world to team up with capsule designers NOTPLA, a sustainable packaging start-up to create an original consumption experience. 

Seaweed is the base for the capsule which grows at the speed of 1 metre per day and contributes actively in de-acidifying the oceans. Also, if discarded, the capsules will be biodegradable within 4-6 weeks. Hence there will be no wastage at all!

The Glenlivet has partnered with Tayer + Elementary, one of the world’s leading bars for the launch of the ‘ Capsules Collection ’.  

Alex Kratena and Monica Berg, the co-owners of the bar created three original cocktails for the capsules – Citrus, Wood, and Spice, which are inspired by the elements and flavors of the Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve. 

Glenlivet Capsule Whiskey (close-up)
Glenlivet Capsule Whiskey ( Close-up)

Citrus-blends vibrant bergamot, zesty grapefruit, almond pepper, and Glenlivet’s Founders Reserve. 

Wood- combined with Glenlivet’s Founders Reserve and powerful woody notes of cedar, sandalwood, and tannins of nutty oloroso.

Spice- Glenlivet Founder Reserve with a base note of vetiver, dark walnut bitter, oloroso sherry, and raspberry verjus.

They’d make the perfect holiday gifts, party drinks, and of course ‘Good To Go Anywhere’ single-malt whiskey shots! 

Written By,

Jeslyn Manuvel

Student, NIFTEM

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