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Gatorade Sweat Patch: The Future Of Optimizing Athletic Performance?

Ever since Gatorade came up with the Gx platform, they’ve been constantly coming up with new and innovative technologies combining AI, machine learning and data analytics.

providing efficient and cost-effective technologies to get feedback and education on the athlete’s workout routine and optimizing them is the main vision. Moreover, in the world of professional sports where every last bit counts, such a technology can help athletes a lot.

Gatorade Sweat Patch

Gatorade sweat patch is the new technology by Gatorade. It is a watertight skin patch that is highly unobtrusive and is easy to use.

Gatorade Sweat Patch

Gatorade is the designated name for the app, which is accompanied by the sweat batch. The skin patch measures 2 parameters: the sweat rate and the sweat type.

The sweat rate refers to the amount of sweat released by the body during the workout period (represented by the yellow zig-zag bands) while the sweat type refers to the electrolytes lost during the workout (represented by the purple band on the side).

The users can wear this patch during a regular workout session, after which they can scan the patch. Using the companion app powered by Gatorade Gx to see the data that has been measured by the patch.

The app combines this with the type of workout, the atmospheric conditions during the time of the workout. Also the age, gender and weight of the athlete. Based on this, the application comes up with user-specific hydration plans and helps the user to optimize their performance. It also recommends which Gatorade product and in how much amount you should consume to refuel yourself.

Gatorade App

Especially since the launch of the Gatorade Gx thirst quencher pods, it has been made possible to obtain custom drinks.

Combine this with the sweat patch and you’ll get one of the most efficient approaches existing today to optimize your athletic performance. This technology also allows Gatorade to make custom Gatorade drinks to cater to your workout type and requirements so that you stay at your peak at all times during the activity.

20 professional sports teams have tested the batch and it is showing positive results. Expecting the launch later this year.

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