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Food Consultancy: Everything That You Need To Know

Do you ever wonder who is a food consultant? In which fields they are specialized or how can they manage clients whether it may be a restaurant or an individual or any food-related business. As an individual or a food blogger, here is everything here you need to know about food consultancy to become or looking for a food consultant and how they can improvise many processes of any food services.

What is Food Consulting?

Food Consultancy

Most of the food consultants are experts in their niche, food safety or quality assurance who tells or advises industry professional or owner what to do or not for the development and improvement in their running operations. A food consultant can work for restaurants , food marketers, bloggers, mess, school, or any food service including food producers and processing.

Jobs as a food consultant and career opportunities of working as a specialist on the above niches are:

  • Food and facility inspectors
  • Food service quality consultant
  • Menu developer
  • Menu engineer and designer
  • Food safety auditor
  • Environmental safety regulator
  • Food engineer

Many food consultants like who work in restaurants have to work on menu design and development, cost per dish. Also, most of the food consultants are mainly hired when they want to provide specific dinners or any specialized items, gaining some creative stuff to ensure food quality and its safety to be served . Food consultants are specialized in designing any type of cuisines or different eating styles. Like a restaurant wants to serve vegan dishes to its customers, then the food consultant will be hired who is specializes in creating plant-based dishes. Food consultants can be hired either by food giants to maintain quality and hygiene or managing running operations from farm to fork over the world.

I want to be a food consultant. What qualifications will I need?

  • A degree in food management, nutrition or hospitality or culinary arts
  • License for food handlers
  • Knowledge needed for health and safety, disabled person acts
  • leadership, organizational or managerial problem-solving skills
  • FSCI (Foodservice Consultants Society International)membership that provides membership to foodservice industries, workshops, tools to get updated with new advancements and professional recognition
  • As a food consultant, we should be certified from HACCP and its establishment.

How to build your own food consultancy empire?

If u wish to plan a food consultancy business, you need to get some certain qualifications and experience to know how to succeed in this industry. Your qualification and educational background will decide your growing business. Below are some steps that will help you in becoming a food consultant and tips to build your empire:

  1. Getting a bachelor’s degree in your field. For example: get a degree in food science, management, or culinary/nutrition. So the more you intensify your knowledge, the more opportunities will be available.
  2. Hands-on experience in food-service industries like cafeteria, restaurants and get knowledge about the process of supply, management, quality assurance, development, inspections, designing, and more.
  3. Initially apply for a job at food consultancy firms and gain your knowledge about process workflow. Get insights what they are doing and connect with the right people and professionals.
  4. Become a part of several food consultancy groups to reach potential customers.

How much money do food consultants make?

You can decide your salary you want to make on the basis of hourly, daily, or weekly if you work as a freelance food consultant. In addition, if you want to earn like $50,000 yearly, you need to distribute working weeks and hours depending upon the size of the company. You need to calculate all your expenses including taxes, transportation, etc that incurred during earning 6 figures.

The cost of your services will totally depend on your expertise. The level of difficulty in solving a particular project and the place from where you receive your education also matter.But as a freelancer, you need to do some research earlier and determine the prices before picking up any projects

You have become a food consultant, now what do you?

Once you manage to become a food consultant and start your career, here are a few things to focus on. These will help you to build up expertise in food consultancy and build up your brand.

  • To become a professional member:
    • Employment as a project manager for 3 years in the food industry.
    • Pass two exams designed by FCSI.
    • Subscribe to the FCSI code of ethics.
    • Present three reference books.
    • Become a senior associate member of FCSI.
  • Get access to professional journals and publications, join seminars. Also, build your network with professionals after becoming a senior associate.
  • Features in food business magazines will help you gain and build a brand
  • Create your website and showcase your works, expertise, and qualifications.
  • In addition, be consistent with your work.

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Mayank Gupta

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