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CARNOSyn Beta-Alanine – Reel Deal Or The Real Deal?

Beta-alanine, also known by its trademark name CARNOSyn is a naturally occurring non-essential beta-amino acid produced naturally in the body.

CARNOSyn beta-alanine is an underdog with a lot of potential. However, this potential may only be explored properly if people are willing to accept the fact that bodybuilding no longer remains a world with just a handful of supplements lying around the corner.

Just to make things clear, the word beta-alanine may be used with or without references to CARNOSyn, but in this article only the supplement CARNOSyn is focused upon.

CARNOSyn Beta Alanine Vs Beta Alanine?

So why I am stressing on CARNOSyn supplement only? It’s a supplement that has successfully obtained by the New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) status from the FDA.

Carnosyn vs generic

When comparing CARNOSyn with other beta-alanine products, CarnoSyn is the only beta-alanine with more than 20 published scientific studies, supported claims, proven performance, and patent protection around the world. It’s the most trusted brand when it comes to quality, purity, and effectiveness.

Now, What Exactly Is Beta-Alanine?

Technically speaking, beta-alanine is a non-essential beta amino acid which means it is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the human body’s liver.

Beta-alanine is a component of histidine dipeptides carnosine, anserine, and also pantothenic acid. Structurally it is a hybrid between l-glycine and GABA, which are neurotransmitters owing to this use of this supplement may experience caffeine like stimulating effect from it.

Sources of carnosine

Although it is naturally produced, some other sources of carnosine (which is produced by beta-alanine during digestion) are beef and pork.

Sad news for vegans; research has shown a lower amount of carnosine synthase (carnosine making enzyme) in a vegetarian diet.

What does this super supplement do?

So CARNOSyn beta-alanine is not a type of supplement that can double your bench press and squatting capacity, but it does surely increase your muscle endurance.

Muscle endurance, is the ability of our muscle tissues to sustain regular contractions against any resistance for a prolonged time period.

Bench Press

When you start to train the muscles, your muscle fibre experiences fatigue with each repetition that you push through which in turn starts to decrease your performance either in terms of the range of motion or training capacity. This body’s natural defence to the sudden increase of fresh oxygen to the body muscles.

As you continue your workout your muscle starts producing lactic acid which in turn increases the hydrogen ion concentration in muscles, thus reducing your muscle’s ability to contract.

Carnosine acts as a buffer to this increased acidic capacity and thus restores muscle’s tendency to contract during a long workout.Don’t get confused between CARNOSyn beta-alanine and carnosine. Beta-alanine is used up by the body to produce carnosine.

Hence it’s a supplement that tries to maintain your performance for a longer period.

Effect on athletes and bodybuilders

This supplement is not something that increases or doubles up your performance. Rather, it tries to maintain the level of your performance for a longer period. For athletes, beta-alanine increases your time to exhaustion (TTE). Now, this TTE majorly is used for high-intensity sports like cycling and sprinting. Beta-alanine increases the activity time for the athlete to perform.


While for bodybuilders it reduces muscle fatigue that helps you to condition muscle for an extended time without decreasing the workout intensity.

Side effects

There are not various side effects reported by the athletes but the most common include ACUTE PARAESTHESIA which is an unusual tingling sensation of skin in various parts of the human body, owing somewhat to its neuro-transmitting nature.

Other than this there is also a slight decline in the taurine levels it is caused as beta-alanine competes against it in absorption in muscles.

After the research I did on this supplement, I can conclude that this supplement can actually be very useful for any bodybuilding regime or any high-intensity sports.

I am going to place a high bet on this underdog! What about you?

Written By,

Yash Bundela

Student, NIFTEM

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