Beating Diabetes with Fig Extract

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases, we usually blame high consumption of sugar to end up being a diabetic patient. Sugar did take place a major role in putting you through a diabetic life, but overall diet quality, body weight, sleep quality, exercise, and genetics have their own consequences.

What is diabetes?

It’s an illness that increases the amount of sugar in our blood. The main reason behind suffering from diabetes is either the lack of production and secretion of insulin or it’s a defective function. It occurs in two forms – type 1 and type 2.
According to data, every 1 in 6 diabetic people in the world belongs to our nation. In total there are 77million Indians encountering this sickness and this makes us a nation that stood in second place for the diabetic population after China, which is in the first place.
Despite the illness being so widespread, we do our best to avoid or treat it in a better manner, scientists and researchers are continuously evolving new ways to deal with this. For instance, recently, a study is published which asserts that “abscisic acid (ABA) content of fig’s extract can provide help to treat diabetes”. But how can we beat diabetes with fig extract?

The Study on how we can beat diabetes with fig extract

Dr. Joseph, one of the authors of the study says that “the research about (ABA) abscisic acid’s antidiabetic and anti-inflammatory properties have been going on for a very long time”. According to them, they have considered the safety of figs extract in 1phase of clinical trial over healthy individuals, and in 2nd trial, they have tested the abilities of ABA over pre-diabetic sufferers because of the certain findings in 1st phase.
The study states that ” ABA content of fig’s extract enhances glucose tolerance level and insulin sensitivity. It also decreases obesity-related systematic inflammation in patients with chronic metabolic diseases“.

Product-based on this study:

There is a Spanish company named “Euromed” which deals with the botanical ingredients that assert its fig extract product known as “ABA Life” is useful for the treatment purpose of prediabetic conditions and type 2 diabetes, by lowering the glycaemic index of food products.
Along with this, it assists in enhancing the palatability of the keto diet and also engaged with products like nutraceutical, functional food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.
The product is only required in a small amount of 200 mg to maintain your sugar levels, it is available in both liquid and powdered form. The company justifies that ” it is pure and devoid of any kind of potential residual from organic solvents” the reason behind this fact is it’s extremely cautioned Spanish extraction process which utilizes only osmotic water as a solvent.

Beat diabetes using fig extract


The product has the ability to deduct the glycemic index of foods, so the extract can be mixed in products that contain a high glycemic index to turn them into a harmless product. The Glycemic index of a food is directly related to the blood sugar levels. So, the real work here is to lessen GI to reduce sugar in the blood, ultimately providing you a healthy non- diabetic life. That’s how you can beat diabetes with fig extract.

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